Manual pattern making

Pattern makers have the ability to pinpoint possible problems in the design, construction, and chosen fabrications of a garment and/or product before those problems become costly mistakes. Pattern makers and sample makers are present to guide designers through the design and production process in order to ensure successful garment/product completion.

We won't say it is impossible, we will try to make it possible.

STEPS FOR successful pattern

  1. To communicate properly with the pattern maker the designer should be prepared with the following: how the finished garment should look; design, shape, fit, measurements and placement of all details for each garment.
  2. The pattern maker will than work with the provided information, along with front and back sketches, technical flats, and spec sheets.
  3. All details from width of pant leg, spacing between pleats, special linings, specific types of seams, etc. are needed to expedite the completion of each pattern and garment/product. We believe a detail makes the garment special.