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Tight deadlines

At Milano Confezioni, we firmly believe in the importance of dedicating the necessary time and effort to ensure impeccable results. However, we understand that meeting deadlines is of utmost importance. In cases where time is running short, we are always prepared to go the extra mile and offer extended timelines. Nevertheless, it is crucial to keep in mind that we all operate within the limitations of a 24-hour day. Hence, if a deadline has passed beyond a certain point, it becomes unfeasible to accommodate further delays.

Our commitment to delivering exceptional quality remains unwavering, regardless of the time constraints. We strive to find a balance between efficiency and excellence, never compromising on the high standards we hold ourselves to.

Please rest assured that when collaborating with Milano Confezioni, your deadlines will be treated as a top priority. We value open communication and proactive planning to ensure that project timelines are met to the best of our abilities.

Terms of Payment, Hourly Rate and Minimum Order

We would like to provide some important information regarding our pricing and order requirements to ensure a productive working relationship:

1. Confirmation of work requires payment of 100% of our quoted price via bank transfer, credit card, cash, or another approved form of payment. We will commence work only after receiving payment. Please note that for urgent orders, banks are closed on weekends. If the project is particularly complex or if the final price cannot be accurately determined, additional charges may apply. Following the initial deposit, we may request further payments for work in progress. Under no circumstances will we deliver the work until all payments have been received. Please ensure timely payment completion and verification before collecting your creations.

2. Hourly Rate: As artisans and professionals, we have established hourly rates that allow us to dedicate the necessary time and resources to each client. The rate for our pattern maker is 100 euros per hour, plus applicable taxes (VAT). Similarly, the rate for our prototype maker is 50 euros per hour, plus VAT. These rates reflect our expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality results.

3. Minimum Order: We value every client and strive to provide the attention and service they deserve. However, please note that our time is limited, and to ensure efficiency, we have set a minimum order requirement of 1000 euros, plus VAT. This minimum order amount helps us focus on projects that align with our capabilities and maintain a sustainable workflow.

By adhering to these pricing and order guidelines, we can better serve our clients and ensure the successful realization of their projects. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to working with you on exciting and meaningful endeavors.

Pattern and garment for Nicola Brognano
Pattern and garment for Yie Kim Design
Pattern and garment for Giuseppe di Morabito
Pattern and garment for Luisa Beccaria
Pattern and garment for Nicola Brognano
Pattern and garment for Gin Salemo
Pattern and garment for Nicola Brognano
Pattern and garment for Yie Kim Design
Pattern and garment for Gyurin Na
Pattern and garment for Gin Salemo
Pattern and garment for Nara Kirasawa
Pattern and garment for Luisa Beccaria

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